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Herschel Grubb Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 100-UnivRec 545
Arrangement The collection covers the period of 1947-1999, with some undated materials. The collection is arranged into four series as follows, Series 1, Correspondence, 1951-1999 and undated; Series 2, David McClellan Papers, 1954-1977 and undated; Series 3, Subject Files, 1947-1995 and undated; and Series 4, Photographs and Negatives, 1977-1997 and undated.

Hiltons Folk Medicine Survey Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: AppMs-544
Arrangement The collection is divided into two series: Series 1 contains 122 surveys of methods of self-treatment and home remedies and Series 2 contains 87 audio-taped interviews of individuals from Hiltons, Virginia. Each audio tape has been given an FMSR (Folk Medicine Survey Record) number.

Hiram Fain Diary

 Collection — other: Folder 1 in Box H
Identifier: 500-AppMs 463
Scope and Contents The Hiram Fain Diary is a transcript of Fain's observations between October 21, 1850 and February 28, 1870. In the diary, Hiram Fain relates his day-to-day activities including planting and harvesting at Spring Vale Farm, legal activities such as preparing wills, working at the bank, and caring for livestock. He also describes weather conditions, astronomical events, an earthquake in 1861, the sale of slaves, the illness and death of family and friends, and local events and news. In his daily...

Historical Newspapers Collection

 Collection — other: Folders 1-3
Identifier: AppMs-833
Arrangement The newspapers are foldered by title or by geographic location.

Hobart Crabtree Tapes

 Collection — other: Box 2
Identifier: 500-Acc 555
Arrangement All or part of the materials described here are unprocessed. Please contact us for information about these materials.

Hoffman Family Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 500-AppMs 811
Arrangement Materials are arranged alphabetically by type. Materials within folders are arranged chronologically.

Holston Baptist Association Collection

 Collection — other: Box 1
Identifier: 500-AppMs 48
Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically by date.

Holston Methodist Conference Collection

 Collection — other: Box 1
Identifier: 500-AppMs 49
Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically.

Home Management House Scrapbook

 Collection — other: Boxes 1-2
Identifier: 100-UnivRec 198
Arrangement The scrapbook is organized in one series.

Hoover Day Parade Tape

 Collection — Item: 1-2
Identifier: AppMs-354
Scope and Contents One 10-minute, VHS tape copied from film of the October 6, 1928 campaign parade by Republican presidential candidate Herbert C. Hoover in Elizabethton, Tennessee. The tape depicts scenes along the parade route on Elk Avenue and West Main, ending at Harmon Field. The quality of the tape is fair.

Horace C. Atwater Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: AppMs-724
Arrangement The collection is organized into three series, as follows: Series 1, Diary, 1836-1838 and undated; Series 2, Lecture Notes and Sermons, 1842-1875 and undated; and Series 3, Oversized Material, c. 2005.

Howard Dorgan Photograph Collection

 Collection — other: Box 1
Identifier: 500-AppMs 739
Scope and Contents The Howard Dorgan Photograph Collection consists of 27 color and 6 black and white photographs documenting church buildings, church services (including serpent handling practice), cemeteries, and landscapes found in the southern Appalachian region. The collection documents Dorgan’s research interest in Appalachian religious practice. Photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Hubert Gilliam Collection

 Collection — other: 1 box
Identifier: 500-Acc 740
Arrangement All or part of the materials described here are unprocessed. Please contact us for information about these materials.

Huddle Mill Photographs

 Collection — Box: 3, Folder: 1
Identifier: 500-AppMs 299
Scope and Contents Three images of a mill believed to be the Huddle Mill.

Huffine, Denton, Scott, and Walters Families Papers

 Collection — other: Boxes 1-3
Identifier: AppMs-732
Arrangement The collection is divided into 2 series; Series 1: Photographs and Series 2: Papers.

Hugh Bowers Photographs

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: AppMs-537
Scope and Contents The Hugh Bowers Photographs collection consist of 22 black and white and 13 color photographic prints taken by Bowers of East Tennessee landscapes and scenes. Most of the images are undated with those having dates being taken in the 1970s and 1980s.

Hugh L. White Collection

 Collection — other: Boxes 1-9
Identifier: 500-AppMs 707
Arrangement This collection consists of three series: Series 1, Study Prints; Series 2, Original Negatives, 1900-1920; Series 3, Original Prints and Related Material. The original negatives were numbered sequentially. The study prints have been given numbers that match the original negatives.

John R. Hughes Ephemera

 Collection — Box: J (Small Collections)
Identifier: AppMs-658
Scope and Contents This collection consists of a form soliciting names of whiskey drinkers for M. I. Hessberg Son & Co., Inc. of Bristol, Virginia; a pledge card for War Savings Stamps; and the Platform of the Republican Party of North Carolina, Adopted in State Convention at Charlotte, August 26, 1908.

Human Economic Appalachian Development Corporation Records

 Collection — other: Folders 1-5 in Box B
Identifier: 500-AppMs 68
Arrangement The collection has been arranged into 5 folders.

Steven Craig Hurd Map Collection

Identifier: AppMs-825
Scope and Contents This Stephen Craig Hurd Map Collection consists of framed and unframed maps, primarily of Tennessee and bordering states. In addition to the paper maps, there is a set of drinking glasses printed with a map of Tennessee. Most of the maps were originally found in atlases, but the collection also includes pictorial maps and road maps. Stephen Hurd framed and matted the maps.

Hurricane Grange, No. 523 Minute Book

 Collection — other: Folders 1-2 in Box I
Identifier: 500-AppMs 533
Scope and Contents The Hurricane Grange, No. 523 Minute Book consists of one handwritten minute book of the Patrons of Husbandry, Hurricane Grange, No. 523 and a typed transcript of the same. There are also three handwritten pages of notes about individual Grange members, mostly to do with property ownership. The minute book contains membership information and details of meetings.

Hyatt-Cretsinger Family Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 500-AppMs 593
Arrangement The collection is divided into two series: Series 1, Family Papers, 1851-1994 and undated, and Series 2, Photographs and Negatives, 1939-1990 and undated.

Nat E. Hyder Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: AppMs-259
Scope and Contents The Nat E. Hyder Papers contain five account books, genealogical notes, newspapers, correspondence, photographs, legislative bills, a Congressional report, a claim for damages, 125 powers of attorney, memorabilia, and miscellaneous publications. In addition to these documents, there are miscellaneous records that were incorporated into the Hyder papers by the staff of the B. Carroll Reece Museum prior to the collection's transfer to the archives. The documents date from 1802 to 1930, but the...

"An Infantry Chaplain's Diary: 1943-1946"

 Collection — Box: K (Small Collections)
Identifier: AppMs-821
Scope and Contents Chaplain John James Watson's diary begins on March 16, 1943 at Camp White in Oregon. His military service takes him from Oregon to Virginia to Algeria, North Africa to Pietramala and Villanova, Italy. In addition to various daily events, Watson kept a record of books he was reading and services he had preached. The final section of the diary is set in East Tennessee and is concerned with the beginnings of his brothers' business in Elizabethton, Tennessee and the birth of his son, Robert....

Institutional Review Board Records

 Collection — other: Boxes 1-5
Identifier: 100-UnivRec 216
Arrangement Records are arranged in two series: Series 1, Project Review Files, 1978-84 and Series 2, Office Files, 1982-86.

Series 1 is arranged chronologically by academic year and then in reverse numerical order within each academic year. A red dot on the folder tab indicates that the project is inactive. Gaps in the reverse numerical order indicate a still active project file. Series 2 is arranged alphabetically by subject.

International Woodworkers of America, Local 5-313 Records

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: AppMs-67
Scope and Contents The collection contains documents produced by the international office of the woodworkers union, and by Magnavox, but it consists primarily of Local 5-313 records. Included are contracts between the local and company; negotiation session notes taken by local members; membership and financial records; grievance reports; photographs; international publications; court transcripts; and news clippings, mainly on the 1967 strike.

IPC Dennison Company Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: AppMs-27
Arrangement The material is organized into two series: Series 1, Non-Tobacco Product Labels, 1929-1978; Series 2, Tobacco Product Labels, 1929-1978; and Series 3, Non-Manuscript Materials.

Irene Thomas Davis Collection

 Collection — other: 1 folder in box 2
Identifier: 100-UnivRec 271
Arrangement The photographs are arranged in one series, while the printed documents have been placed in the archives vertical files as noted below.

Isabel Martin Papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: UnivRec-120
Arrangement The collection is divided into two series: Series 1, Conservation Camp, and Series 2, Other Materials.

J. B. Collins Photographs

 Collection — other: 1 folder in Box 3
Identifier: 500-AppMs 446
Arrangement The contact sheets are housed in one file folder.